For Individuals and Families

Review and validation of employer provided retirement benefit calculations

Are you a participant or member of a pension plan? If you are considering retirement, you may have been provided a pension estimate from your employer. If you have questions about your retirement estimates we can independently review your facts and advise you whether the estimates are correct.

Our first meeting (up to one hour) is free. We won't be able to fully certify your calculations during this initial hour. Since most employer provided calculations are accurate we may be able to answer your questions or coach you in what questions to ask your employer.

Consumption and Spending Forecasts

Why splurge today and starve tomorrow? Why starve today and splurge tomorrow?

Life-cycle consumption smoothing—balancing your living standard through time— is the goal we help you achieve. Finding the right current and future spending targets to achieve this goal is a complex mathematical problem.

Using the ESPlanner software from Economic Security Planners Inc. we provide individualized reports which forecast your spending, saving and insurance outlays, with the goal of raising, smoothing and protecting your standard of living.

The most informative results are achieved when using the statistical simulation capabilities of the Pro version of ESPlanner. In what is known as a Monte Carlo simulation, 1000's of future scenarios are evaluated. Each scenario represents a possible economic path through life. The results of the ESPlanner PRO can give you confidence you are on track with a optimum standard of living. If you are not on track, the results can give you guidance in getting on track.

Individuals or their registered investment advisor can use these reports in their financial planning.

Many individuals lack a background in statistics, and thus:

My role in guiding an individual through the ESPlanner process is to:

This service is provided to help you think through economic futures. Our recommendations with respect to saving and the purchase of life insurance should be viewed as information used in your own decision-making, in consultation with your investment and tax advisors.

Level Dynamics is not an investment advisor, tax advisor or a financial planner, and does not provide investment advice. Financial or tax advice can only be delivered to you by authorized professionals. 

Valuation of Pensions in Marital Dissolution (Divorce)

I am no longer providing actuarial valuation and expert witness services in marriage dissolutions.

Prior to 2008 I provided this service to individuals, family practice lawyers and to the PensionLink software system (The Online Pension Valuation Service for Family Practice Attorneys )