For Investment Advisors

Liability Driven Investment (LDI)
for Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Managing a pension trust portfolio to achieve the actuary's assumed rate of return is usually not an optimal approach.

LDI is an investment strategy set with explicit reference to liabilities.
The return objectives are carefully weighed against:

We can assist you in understanding the duration of the liabilities and the risk implications of surplus and deficit for any defined benefit plan to which you provide investment advisory services.

Consumption and Spending Forecasts
For your individual Clients

Life-cycle consumption smoothing—balancing a living standard through time— is the goal we help your client achieve. Finding the right current and future spending targets to achieve this goal is a complex mathematical problem.

Using the ESPlanner software from Economic Security Planners Inc. we provide individualized reports which forecast spending, saving and insurance outlays, with the goal of raising, smoothing and protecting a standard of living.

My role in guiding you and your client through the ESPlanner process is to:

Level Dynamics is not an investment advisor, tax advisor or a financial planner, and does not provide investment advice. Any investment advice will be delivered by you as a RIA or RIA representative.